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Mark on the FBI Firing Range

Mark's Latest Book: "Fixation"

Fixation, Mark's latest book has been released by St. Martin's Press. Counselor Brian Hanson and FBI agent Louise Parker are back, and this time Louise is the target of a hateful white supremacist (is there any other kind?). The tension builds, with settings from Seattle's Pike Place Market to the notorious underground Shanghai Tunnels in Portland.

The picture to the left is from the fun part of writing, doing the research. Thanks to the Portland Office of the FBI that allowed Mark to get to better know the Bureau, including spending time on the FBI Firing Range. It is important to note that all the opinions

expressed in the book represent only Mark's view and not any official FBI position.

In case anyone is curious, Mark is a good shot and managed, when using the training simulator, to kill the attacker. Unfortunately, Mark was also killed, since he hesitated. According to the range officer, people who shoot 100% on the range frequently do about 30% on the simulator.

Chapter One and the Prologue from "Fixation" - Available Online - Free

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Recent Reviews of "Fixation"

"This gripping West Coast thriller, ala Robert Crais, is one of those rare crime novels where very little suspension of disbelief is required, thanks to the author's knowledge of the terrain."                                             - Booklist

"Mark Schorr gives us a unique and altogether qualified docent for his latest tour-de-force of the criminal psyche and the agendas of those whose job it is to nail them. Fixation is nothing if not a character driven crime thriller. Thanks to Schorr's street worthy prose and clever pacing, it works to keep the reader engaged." -The Oregonian

Recommended summer mystery reading by Bob Wade in the "Spadework" column.      -San Diego Union-Tribune

"Schorr... is an inveterate storyteller. The many detours in his second Brian Hanson novel, which include tidbits of Portland history and the mini-dramas of Hanson's colorful clients, greatly enhance.... (this) thriller."                                                                                                                                           - Kirkus Reviews

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