Due in June 2008: Second Book Featuring Hanson
Mark Schorr's Short Stories and Non-Fiction Published Works

The Volunteer, New Crimes 2, Robinson Publishing, 1989

What Goes Around… , New Crimes 3, Robinson Publishing, 1991

The Therapeutic Alliance, New Crimes 1, Constable, 1992


On Becoming A Wounded Healer, Finding Your Way as a Counselor, ACA, 1997

A Three Layer Approach, Introduction to Group Therapy, Haworth Press, 1999


Treatment of the Juvenile Offender; Many Approaches, Few Successes, Oregon Counseling Association Journal, Spring/Summer 1993

Finding Solutions in a Relaxation Group, Journal of Systemic Therapies, Vol. 14, IV, 1995

Finding Solutions in a Roomful of Angry People, Journal of Systemic Therapies, Vol. 16, III, 1997

Taijiquan and Mental Health, Qi, The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness, Vol. 9, II, 1999

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