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Psychologist Brian Hanson, a Vietnam Vet and recovering alcoholic, is crushed by the death of one of his clients. He's sure it's not suicide. When Hanson begins his investigation, he discovers that a string of suspected criminals have been murdered without explanation. Is Portland America's safest small city because of a vigilant police force, or are there other forces at work? Hanson soon learns of a dark secret lurking just below the surface of the City Administration. A story of blackmail, political corruption and murder, "Borderline" is truly a thrilling read.
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Reviews for "Borderline"
"Gripping. Hanson is a complex, compelling amateur sleuth."                                                -Publishers Weekly

"Schorr never takes the easy route or “cheats' when it comes to plotting; he raises the stakes at each twist and turn without forcing readers to stretch their imagination. This is the stuff great thrillers are made of: three-dimensional characters, a thrilling plot, beautiful writing, and lots of surprises."      -Dana Kaye - Crimespreemag


"One of the most involving mysteries to come along in some time, "Borderline" is an intimate, engaging novel in which a troubled hero struggles against overwhelming odds to uncover the truth. Beautifully written, tightly plotted, and carefully crafted, "Borderline" deserves your immediate and complete attention."
                                                                                                      -Hank Wagner - Mystery Scene Magazine


"Mark Schorr has written a grand mystery against an accurate picture of the mental health world…Borderline is gripping and a real thriller. There is a big shock at the end. This book is billed as the first book in a new series featuring psychologist Brian Hanson. I can hardly wait for the next one."      - Carolyn Lanier - "I Love A Mystery"

Red Diamond - Mystery/Private Eye Series
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"As much affectionate tribute as parody, no fan of the genre should miss out on Red's three novels, published in the mid-eighties. Imagine if Robert Leslie Bellem had written Don Quixote..."           
Click Here to Buy "Red Diamond: Private Eye" (1983) - Nominated for an Edgar for Best First Novel
"Red Diamond. It's easily the best mystery book of the year.”                          -Washington Times

A New York cabbie who is a complete bore lives in a world of fantasy fed by a collection of old tough-guy pulps. His wife is a shrew and his 18-year-old son is a genius who at best tolerates him. He comes home one night to discover that his wife has sold his entire book collection. This literally blows his mind and he then assumes the persona of Red Diamond, Private Eye - another man, moving in another world.
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"Ace of Diamonds" (1984)
"Ace of Diamonds" is a swift, raunchy, very funny adventure.                          -Publisher's Weekly

Red Diamond returns, hired by a billionaire cowboy to "clean-up" his home town of Las Vegas, by taking on a network of ruthless, conniving gangsters.
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"Diamond Rock" (1985)
"One of the most gifted detective fiction writers to come along in a while."            -Washington Post

Red Diamond is back, this time entangled in the chaotic life of a sixites rock star, facing death in the eighties at the hands of a fiendish killer.
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"Bully!" (1985)   "Fun fare for whodunit and history buffs”                                            -Booklist

Teddy Roosevelt becomes ensnared in a trap set by powerful industrialists trying to discredit his administration. He finds he is unable to go to the authorities and so pursues the killers himself, aided by a loyal buddy from his cowboy and Rough Rider days.
"The Borzoi Control" (1986 -Written under the pseudonym Scott Ellis)
“Mark Schorr is either a man with inside knowledge of the CIA or a first-rate researcher with very good sources. Readers of The Borzoi Control will get a big dose of the real dope."                                                                                                           - Los Angeles Daily News Eric Garfield is an aide to an assemblyman in the Russian immigrant community of Brighton Beach. Against his will, he is recruited by the CIA to bring a dissident out of Russia, who for unknown reasons is only willing to defect to him.

"Overkill," "Seize the Dragon" and "Gun Power" are now available in trade paperback. Click Here To Purchase from Amazon

"Overkill" (1988)    “His sentences, his paragraphs, his choice of words are superior to those
of Robert Ludlum or Clive Cussler. He can write rings around them, and does.”
                                                                                                           -Los Angeles Daily News

Robert Stark is enlisted to protect a beautiful Russian scientist, whose knowledge of a plot to create a horrific biological weapon has made her the simultaneous target of hit men, the KGB, and unknown parties from Washington.
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"Seize the Dragon" (1989)      “Schorr knows how to create interesting characters and move them quickly across an exciting landscape.”                                    -Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Stark finds himself battling powerful men from the American, Japanese and Chinese underworld, as they scheme to turn the peaceful island of Macao into an intenational kingdom of crime.

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"Eye for an Eye" (1989)
“A copy of Mark Schorr's 'An Eye for An Eye' should be put in a time capsule as a record of what cop work in the late 1980's in Los Angeles was like."                         -The Orange County Register

A Los Angeles cop, half-blinded from an explosion that killed two of his fellow officers, is hunting down the killer, while facing worsening blindness and resistance from his own Department.
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"Gun Power" (1990)
"Schorr can spin a tale as crude as it is insightful, as humorous as it is violent ..."                                                                                                                 -Dallas Times Herald

Robert Stark is a martial arts expert and a one-time CIA agent, whose private anti-terrorism and rescue services provide all the security money can buy. Hired to bring back the kidnapped sister of a multimillionaire American publisher, Stark is soon picking up the threads of a powerful secret network- an international conspiracy of death.